Space Elevator dedicates a song to Freddie Mercury on his new album

Space Elevator first took off in 2014 with their eponymous debut, a collection of catchy classic rock songs penned by co-founders guitarist David Young and lead singer, The Duchess.

Crisp production and memorable melodies were set off by the rocket-fuelled vocals of The Duchess: their powerful sound drew interest from some intriguing quarters 鈥 not least – from one of the world鈥檚 leading Space Companies, Thoth Technology, which has been working with the band to promote a 20km high (yes, 20kms!) Space Tower, which the agency is developing.

The band鈥檚 new album, Space Elevator II, features the single 鈥淲e Can Fly鈥 鈥 ARO mix (released on 11h May). The video was shot atop the largest privately-owned satellite dish in the world, owned by Thoth Technology in Canada!

Space Elevator II comprises 12 powerful contemporary pop-rock songs that draw on the influences of Queen, Pink, The Beatles and Genesis. It鈥檚 a tougher, more direct sound than the band鈥檚 debut but retains the memorable, radio friendly pop-rock, ambitiously arranged and potently delivered, which characterises the band鈥檚 sound.

Album closer 鈥淨ueen For A Day鈥 features long time Freddie Mercury and Queen collaborator Mike Moran on piano, the track which demonstrates the band鈥檚 Queen influence, is dedicated to Queen and Freddie in particular.

Lead guitarist and co-founder David Young produced the album 鈥淨ueen Guitar Rhapsodies鈥 by Carlos Bonell and played guitar in over five hundred shows of the Queen show 鈥淲e Will Rock You鈥 in London鈥檚 West End.

Space Elevator II
Space Elevator II

Space Elevator has been steadily building its fanbase and have recently signed to German indie giant SPV, which will release this album worldwide on May 25th.

Listen to a preview of the songs on the new album in the following video:

The band has a UK tour in May with Festivals and European dates being booked for the summer and Autumn of this year.

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You can pre-order Space Elevator II album聽on this link.

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